Founded in 2011, Elite Storage Products provides national locker installation.  As a result, we live and breathe lockers. ESP only partners with industry-leading vendors. Because of this, Elite Storage Products can deliver quality products on time.


ESP knows that every locker project is different. From a brand new $100 Million high school to an employee breakroom. Likewise is the skill of our team and how we successfully finish each project. In reality, the general contractor controls many moving parts on each project. For this reason, ESP believes great subcontractors help create success in each job.


Locker DNA

If you could run a DNA test for Elite Storage Products, you would see things like hard work, safety, quality, reliability, communication, trust, honesty, and expertise in our genes. Moreover, our teams work hard every day to assess and improve our processes. Whether in the field, the warehouse, or the office, we find ways to be more efficient daily. Naturally, our hard work in creating efficiency is beneficial to the general contractor and owner of every project.


Finally, Elite Storage Products doesn't back down from a challenge. If you have an issue that your current locker contractor is not handling, contact ESP. With years of experience, we can identify solutions to your toughest problems. Our team can work with the designers from various locker manufacturers to design and deliver custom-tailored solutions for you and your clients.

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Elite Storage Products:


Who is Elite Storage Products? Specifically, ESP is the premier provider of national locker installation.  Allow us to share our history and our vision for the future with you.


First, Elite Storage Products was formed in 2011 intending to be the PREMIER provider of national locker installations.  ESP chose a central location in the Memphis, TN area.  Most importantly, this central location is within a two day's drive of over half of the United States.  Memphis, known as America's Distribution Center, gives ESP a considerable advantage when it comes to logistics.  Products can be delivered and inventoried at our warehouse. Our team can quickly get products delivered and staged on the job-site.


Indeed, ESP has continually shown attention to detail and delivering installations of the highest quality.  Additionally, we strive to continually improve our tools, training, and procedures to increase the level of service to every customer.


It is of first importance to point out that Elite Storage Products is the only locker installation company that has nationwide contracting licenses.


ESP has installed all types of lockers, including metal, wood, plastic, and HDPE.  Even more, ESP has completed projects for noteworthy Fortune 500 companies, such as FedEx and Home Depot.  Finally, ESP also has many successful installations in K-12 and prestigious universities across the country.  Learn more about our products offered here.

Elite Storage Products:


Elite Storage Products is a full-service contractor specializing in national locker installation.  Importantly, ESP meets ALL national qualifications to sell and install storage products. 


Consider our Turn-Key Solutions and the ability to offer service contracts.  Also, customers can be confident ESP will complete every job with total satisfaction.  Also, please browse our online gallery of projects.  See the high-quality installations we have finished.

Some of the services ESP provides are:


  • Locker installation
  • Locker Repairs
  • Benches
  • Field Measurements
  • CAD Drawing Submittals
  • Professional delivery and staging of products to be installed
  • Knock Down lockers pre-assembled off-site
  • Lock sales
  • Lock combination resetting and re-charting
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Metal Shelving
  • Licensed, insured, and bonded


Our customer base is very diverse, with the top 3 segments being General Contractor Community, Fortune 500, and Government. We have more than 1,000 projects installed in the last two years.

Elite Storage Products:

Premium Products!

First of all, Elite Storage Products partners only with qualified companies that help drive practices, policies, and processes advancing the goals of sustainable product development. Through our unique vetting process, we enable Architects and Key Decisions Makers, across the nation, to make informed decisions based on the highest level of environmental, ethical, and quality accountability standards.


ESP strives every day to build upon the successes of the last seven years. As ESP grows, we understand the need to deliver quality results for each project.  Additionally, team members provide value for every project we undertake. Understandably, ESP has a great history of customer service and strives to give 100% customer satisfaction every day. In other words, all customers can rest assured of a successful outcome for every locker or storage project when working with Elite Storage Products.  Learn more about our products offered here.

Elite Storage Products:


Elite Storage Products is a unique company in the locker installation industry.  Furthermore, ESP is also the only company in the industry that is properly licensed to install lockers in all 50 states.  Importantly, ESP has licenses, OSHA certifications, bonding, and insurance programs in place. Our per-job and aggregate bonding capacity are industry-leading.


We carry the highest level of licensure and certifications required by state law to ensure a frictionless process for our clients. Each state that we have a Subcontractor License with has verified our audited financials each year for company stability. We continue to have the capability to handle any size project. Notably, we have executed contracts with one client totaling over One Million Dollars.

Elite Storage Products:

Our Culture!

Who are we as a company? How do we define our employees? F.A.C.T. ESP delivers the F.A.C.T.'s every day!

  • F - Focus
  • A - Accountability
  • C - Consistency
  • T - Trust
Elite Storage Products:

Core Values

Elite Storage Products Core Value is C.A.R.E.  

  • C - Communication
  • A - Attitude
  • - Reliability
  • E - Engagement


ESP delivers a quality locker installation project on-time every time.


ESP has talented and experienced management always looking areas of innovation. Because of this, ESP can offer great products with a safe, quality installation.


With great fanfare, Elite Storage Products announces we are 50 state licensed. Without a doubt, this national licensing program sets our company apart from the competition. If you have an upcoming project with lockers, contact Elite Storage Products.


ESP has certified installers working across the country every day on high-quality locker installations. Our crews are detail oriented and therefore focused on safety.

Qualified Nationwide Installations

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