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Premium products supplied by Elite Storage Products are installed all across the country. Indeed, we have an outstanding 9-year track record. ESP has worked hard to build a reputation for reliability and safety. We understand the challenges and risks general contractors face every day. Importantly, our focus is to provide excellent service to the GC. Elite Storage Products delivers quality and professionalism on every job.

Installed Nationwide

Premium Products

ESP national locker installation services:

■ Smart Lockers

■ Metal Lockers

■ Wood Lockers

■ Phenolic Lockers

■ HDPE Lockers

■ Benches - Wood or HDPE

■ Locks

■ Metal Shelving

With Experience

Qualified Company

Qualified for any locker project:

■ Installers with 46 years of combined experience

■ Licensed contractor in 50 states

■ Dedicated project managers

■ Fully insured

■ Bonding capacity

■ Proven safety record

■ Premium Products Backed by the Best Warranties

Forward Thinking

Valued Partner

Adding value to every project:

■ Commitment to safety

■ VE options

■ Efficient Logistics

■ Investing in Technology

■ Qualified employees

■ Proper Tools & Training

■ Safety Culture

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5 Reasons

Why Lockers are Still Relevant in Schools?

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Elite Storage Products has premium products for every use. All lockers come with lifetime warranties. Whether it be School, Private Government, or Corporate project we sell lockers of all types and applications. Above all, all of our lockers meet or exceed industry specifications and standards.
Our professionally trained installation teams are unmatched in quality and care. We have any needed bonding capacity, and our EMR rating is .92. We currently have Contractors Licenses in EVERY state. Indeed, you can count on Elite Storage for Turn-Key locker installations no matter where you are.
We work closely with our manufacturer using a Value-Based Supply Chain to make sure savings pass to the customer. This Supply Chain coupled with our Turn-Key Installation Package ensures the customer is getting the most value for their money.
Service to our customers is a company attitude we embrace. We are here to serve our customers as a market leading subcontractor in the Locker Industry. Our dedication to service means we match our customer’s urgency on any issue.
Elite Storage Products team of employees are trained extensively on detailed communication. We understand the importance of getting customer’s answers to any question’s they may have about our products or processes.
We have a substantial number of jobs we can provide as references across the country.
Whether it be quoting, sales, project management, or installation we have a staff member with extensive industry knowledge ready to help.
Our staff is committed to being problem solvers. We work to accommodate the customer, and we understand how to navigate through any obstacle that may arise in the locker and construction industry.
We supply lockers made with up to 50% recycled materials. Our powder coat paint contains no solvents or VOC's and reduces waste through high-efficiency application methods. We are also partnered with Top 25 EPA certified freight carriers to minimize fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions
Strategically located in Memphis, TN, our location allows us to travel to any state in under two days.
Based on the customers’ budgetary and sourcing needs we can have our products MANUFACTURED in the USA.