The GRIT and GRIND mentality define the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies. Our company reflects that attitude every day. Importantly, we have to work harder than everyone else.

Z-Bo might well have been talking about Elite Storage Products. As I get to the warehouse before the sun is up, I am thankful for this beautiful day. Moreover, Elite Storage Products is ready to achieve GREAT things this year. We continue to invest in a custom CRM solution that allows us to manage projects more efficiently with less paper.

Additionally, our installation teams are provided with proper PPE, tools, and late-model, reliable vehicles. In the long run, the investments we are making not only benefit ESP but also our many customers. Though these things may seem insignificant to someone who is learning about our company for the first time, they provide great savings to our customers.

In the same way, we make sure our team has the latest tools for instant communication. At the same time, we take customer communication seriously. In short, we try to respond to every customer as soon as possible. Every question needs an answer. All T’s need to be crossed and all I’s need to be dotted.

Let’s Grow Together

Without a doubt, Elite Storage Products is a growing company. We carry the highest level of licensure and certifications required by state law for our clients. Each state we have a Subcontractor License in verifies our audited financials every year for company stability. We continue to achieve the limits to handle any size project. Notably, we have executed contracts with one client exceeding ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

Whenever you have a locker project of any size, the smart choice is to call Elite Storage Products. With more than one dozen manufacturer-trained installers, we can handle any sized project. Let us work for you on your next locker project. Above all, ESP has the licensing, insurance, bonding capability, and expertise to deliver the results you are looking for.

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