Who Is Elite Storage Products?

Specifically, ESP is the premier provider of national locker installation.  Allow us to share our history and our vision for the future with you. First, Elite Storage Products was formed in 2011 intending to be the PREMIER provider of national locker installations.  ESP chose a central location in the Memphis, TN area.  Most importantly, this central location is within a two day's drive of over half of the United States.  Memphis, known as America's Distribution Center, gives ESP a considerable advantage when it comes to logistics.  Products can be delivered and inventoried at our warehouse. Our team can quickly get products delivered and staged on the job-site.

Indeed, ESP has continually shown attention to detail and delivering installations of the highest quality.  Additionally, we strive to continually improve our tools, training, and procedures to increase the level of service to every customer. It is of first importance to point out that Elite Storage Products is the only locker installation company that has nationwide contracting licenses.ESP has installed all types of lockers, including metal, wood, plastic, and HDPE.  Even more, ESP has completed projects for noteworthy Fortune 500 companies, such as FedEx and Home Depot.  Finally, ESP also has many successful installations in K-12 and prestigious universities across the country. 


Locker DNA

If you could run a DNA test for Elite Storage Products, you would see things like hard work, safety, quality, reliability, communication, trust, honesty, and expertise in our genes. Moreover, our teams work hard every day to assess and improve our processes. Whether in the field, the warehouse, or the office, we find ways to be more efficient daily. Naturally, our hard work in creating efficiency is beneficial to the general contractor and owner of every project.

Finally, Elite Storage Products doesn't back down from a challenge. If you have an issue that your current locker contractor is not handling, contact ESP. With years of experience, we can identify solutions to your toughest problems. Our team can work with the designers from various locker manufacturers to design and deliver custom-tailored solutions for you and your clients.

8 Reasons Why Elite Storage Products is an Industry Leader


Elite Storage Products partners only with qualified manufacturing companies who help drive practices, policies, and processes that advance the goals of sustainable product development. By our unique vetting process, we enable Architects and Key Decisions Makers, across the nation, to make informed decisions based on the highest level of environmental, ethical, and quality accountability standards.


Significantly, we have more than one dozen in-house installers certified by the manufacturer. In particular, Elite Storage Products focuses on safety and all employees are covered with Worker's Compensation insurance. As can be seen, we are capable of quality turn-key installations of locker projects of all sizes and materials. Whenever you have questions or need a locker installation quote, ESP is the one company to call.


Elite Storage Products team of employees are trained extensively on detailed communication. We understand the importance of getting customer’s answers to any question’s they may have about our products or processes.


Whether it be quoting, sales, project management, or installation, we have a staff member with extensive industry knowledge ready to help.


We supply lockers made with up to 50% recycled materials. Our powder coat paint contains no solvents and reduces waste through high-efficiency application methods. We are also partnered with Top 25 EPA certified freight carriers to minimize fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions. We solely use recycled materials in our product packaging. We also reuse as much packaging as we can, instant recycling as we call it. Our goal is to reduce waste and the amount of material sent to landfills.


Our staff is committed to being problem solvers. We work to accommodate the customer, and we understand how to navigate through any obstacle that may arise in the locker and construction industry.


We work closely with our manufacturer using a Value-Based Supply Chain to make sure savings pass to the customer. This Supply Chain, coupled with our Turn-Key Installation Package, ensures the customer is getting the most value for their money.


Our modern 50,000 square foot distribution facility is located strategically outside of Memphis, TN. As a matter of fact, this allows for overnight distribution to over 80 percent of the US population and 2-day transportation to over 97 percent of the US population.

What Sets Us Apart?

Elite Storage Products is committed to providing quality turn-key solutions to all customers in need of locker servicing solutions. Elite Storage Products is a full-service contractor specializing in national locker installation.  Importantly, ESP meets ALL national qualifications to sell and install storage products.  Consider our Turn-Key Solutions and the ability to offer service contracts.  Also, customers can be confident ESP will complete every job with total satisfaction.  Please read about our turn-key solutions below!

Our Turn-Key Solutions:

      • Locker Installations
      • Locker Repairs
      • Benches
      • Field Measurements
      • CAD Drawing Submittals
      • Professional Delivery and Product Staging
      • Pre-assembled Knock-Down Lockers
      • Lock Sales
      • Lock Combination Setting and re-charting
      • Storage Cabinets
      • Metal Shelving
      • Licensed, Insured, and Bonded

Elite Storage Products Core Value is C.A.R.E.  

  • C – Communication
  • A – Attitude
  • – Reliability
  • E – Engagement

Who are we as a company? How do we define our employees? F.A.C.T. ESP delivers the F.A.C.T.’s every day!

  • F – Focus
  • A – Accountability
  • C – Consistency
  • T – Trust