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School lockers, corridor lockers, storage lockers, athletic lockers, gym lockers, metal lockers, gear lockers, TA-50 lockers, and grid lockers.  You may be familiar with one or all of these products. Elite Storage Products is a respected expert in the field of lockers and locker installations.

When it comes to metal lockers, there are two primary types of construction. Knock Down and Welded. Manufacturers have different names for each. Furthermore, Elite Storage Products has years of experience with all sorts of metal lockers. We can help you decide which product will work best for your application. Contact Elite Storage Products with any questions or to add us to your team.

Knock Down lockers are an excellent choice for most applications. The locker company makes knock down lockers as individual pieces (top, bottoms, sides, back, door, and door frame). These pieces are shipped individually or "knocked down." Palletizing these parts reduce freight expenses. Notably, Elite Storage Products preassembles Knock Down lockers at our facility to speed installation on your job-site. Elite Storage Products provides the expertise to help all general contractors get quality on-time results. In fact, our team can provide options for a turn-key Knock Down locker installation. Most of all, don't rely on an inexperienced locker installer. Definitely count on the experts. Count on Elite Storage Products!

Welded lockers increase durability by being manufactured with all components welded together. They are usually welded together in banks of several lockers according to site requirements. Welded lockers are available in many configurations to fit any needs or budget. Therefore, if you need the ultimate in locker durability, you want welded lockers. Elite Storage Products can work with the customer and the manufacturer to find custom solutions for any need. Elite Storage Products has the experience and licensing to deliver results especially for any general contractor with a need for lockers. As a matter of fact, ESP completed over 100 locker projects in 2018. Furthermore, our safety record is exemplary. Because of this, when you work with ESP, you will see great results.

Additionally, metal lockers are an Earth-friendly product.  Indeed, metal lockers contain more than 30% and as much as 95% recycled material. Consider steel is one of the few products that is infinitely recyclable with no degradation to the content through the recycling process.  Learn more about the sustainability of steel HERE.

Quality and Professional Services

Here at Elite Storage  Products, we are confident to say our services outperform anyone else. Our services are handled with utmost care by our qualified and certified professionals. Here are four things that set our team apart from the rest. 

Premium Products. National Presence.

Premium products supplied by Elite Storage Products are installed all across the country. Indeed, we have an outstanding 11-year track record. ESP has worked hard to build a reputation for reliability and safety. We understand the challenges and risks general contractors face every day. Importantly, our focus is to provide excellent service to the GC. Elite Storage Products delivers quality and professionalism on every job. Below are three different categories that Elite Storage Products excels at. 

          Premium Products

ESP national locker installation services:

■ Smart Lockers

■ Metal Lockers

■ Wood Lockers

■ Phenolic Lockers

■ HDPE Lockers

■ Benches – Wood or HDPE

■ Locks

■ Metal Shelving


          Qualified Company

Qualified for any locker project:

■ Installers with 46 years of combined experience

■ Licensed contractor in 50 states

■ Dedicated project managers

■ Fully insured

■ Bonding capacity

■ Proven safety record

■ Premium Products Backed by the Best Warranty

Happy businessman showing his thumb up and smiling while his colleagues standing in the background

             Valued Partner

Adding value to every project:

■ Commitment to safety

■ VE options

■ Efficient Logistics

■ Investing in Technology

■ Qualified employees

■ Proper Tools & Training

■ Safety Culture

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