Terms and Conditions

This is turn-key pricing guaranteed for 90 days from the bid date.  Price will remain the same regardless of market fluctuations in steel material costs, fuel costs or any tariffs.  No tax is included unless quoted specifically in our bid.  Add appropriate tax rate as needed.  Payment terms are subject to pre-approved credit status.  Credit to be determined. Sizable projects may require a deposit to cover upfront costs. Without prior credit approval, pre-payment of 50% for product and freight will be required before order with manufacturer is placed.  The remaining 50% payment will be required before product is shipped.  If existing account is on credit hold, may lead to prepayment of material and freight.

Any vendor requiring prepayment terms, will be passed equally to you, and we agree to bill you against these prepayment terms and conditions. Where credit can be established credit will be issued. Due to market conditions and continued increase in commodities and freight, we may recommend buying the steel and holding at the factory prior, in order to lock in key cost inputs.

All CAD/Submittals costs included in our price.  Field check is included in our installation price. We are responsible for field measurements. Lead times are 16-18 weeks, subject to seasonality patterns and custom submittal processes; unless in stock.  If lead times improve, we will communicate.


ESP is a market leading full-service subcontractor who sells a comprehensive line of lockers, locks, and benches along with assembly, shipping, and installation services to the General Contractor community across the U.S.  ESP works with award-winning and leading national locker manufacturers. We understand the importance of communication and coordination of what it takes to execute your project with turnkey precision. Our goal is to be “on time” hitting your locker delivery and installation schedules.

ESP meets standard project pre-qualifications including:

Dedicated Project Manager – Trained Certified Locker Installers – Orientation Program for new hires – Certified Payroll Processing with E-Verification 10/30 hour OSHA Certification -OSHA 300 Logs – Toolbox Meetings – EMR rating of 0.92 – Zero Safety Incidents the last 7 years – HSE Program documented Background Checks/Drug Testing – All Bonding/Insurance (COI) requirements – Financial Stability – Company Business Licenses – Project References
Contractors Licenses: Alabama #S-49183, Arizona #ROC321008, Arkansas #324830519, California #1039575, Idaho #RCE-46606, Louisiana #59731, Mississippi #20355-NC, Nevada #84441, New Jersey #2374418, North Dakota #000041857, Oregon #222527, South Carolina #G121025, Tennessee #66839, Virginia #2705168221, Washington #ELITESP822DM, West Virginia #WV058599



Textura payment fees, Software Invoicing and/or Software Project Management Fees passed to subcontractor to get paid. 

Any special bond after the fact, and any specialized GL code outside normal COI’s guidelines. 

No stairs to be used, if stairs are required to transport lockers up to another floor, please call back in for additional pricing. We normally, use a hole on above floors and use a lull to transport lockers up multiple floors and or use a freight elevator for transport.

Final clean and Protection after installation not included.

Excess Material Storage Fees if product is delayed by 30 days or longer from original scheduled shipment date.

Product locations, quantities, and characteristics are solely based on this proposal. Any changes will require a reprice. Scope reviews are encouraged prior to signing a contract.

All Exclusions may be added with additional pricing prior to bid or change order after the bid.



Liquated Damages must be agreed to prior to contract. If not, this bid does not include this provision.

No Field Painting or Finishing. Caulking can be done but will need to be finalized from a cost standpoint on the front end prior to contract or will be change order in wiring in the field prior to commencement. The boundary of our bid stops at the architectural measurements provided on bid day.

Standard hardware will be used. We will not color or paint the anchoring hardware unless this is priced out on the front end or will require a change order after signed contract. 4) We are not responsible for wrong field measurements due to other trades impacting our scope of work. Any costs to do onsite rearrangement of plans that requires more material will be a change order.

We are not responsible to clean up other trades work, and once product is installed any damage not mentioned will release our company.

We are not responsible to work on bases and correct the wood sleepers in bases. Uneven bases that affect a clean level install is to be corrected by others. Shims will be used but cannot guarantee if bases are poured in correctly both from a leveling and dimensional standpoint. 

All Mechanical and Electrical work around the locker scope is not our responsibility. 

Job Installation will be performed in the order to maximize logistics and maximize the time it takes to install. We can coordinate by area or rooms, however if this creates more cost with logistics or manpower then a change order will be required.

Stairs are considered a safety risk to get product to another floor. Typically, we use an elevator or lull to transfer lockers to next floor. If stairs are required additional pricing of manpower and equipment will be needed to cost out.


We have always done our best to provide the best product quality and cost available based on market conditions to our valued customers and still commit to offering our best pricing; however, due to the changing market situation caused by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is creating many Supply Chain constraints, the manufacturer reserves the right to change and pivot to new suppliers and specs on inputs without further notice on qualified substitutable product inputs for our product lines as the market conditions change, regardless of any other provisions contained in any related communication or ancillary documents.  Our goal is to ensure we are on budget and on time, and this flexibility allows us to maintain optimal performance in real time while we continue to deliver the best custom premier locker storage systems in the USA market.


Our bid is proprietary information and is private to be used only by the intended recipients as identified by Elite Storage Products.  We consider any party sharing our bid or confidential information, without our company’s consent, with any of our competitors to possibly be engaged in inappropriate bid shopping and not operating out of good faith, leading to a restraint of fair trade bid practices.  Our company, if required, will use all available remedies under the law to cure this business practice in order to maintain our confidential proprietary information on our bid form.9