Elite Storage Products has worked hard in creating a safety culture. This safety overview outlines ways ESP works to ensure employee safety. Additionally, ESP wants to provide a safe work environment for all of our employees. Furthermore, ESP provides annual and continuous safety training. We believe that by emphasizing our commitment to safety, we will create a culture of safety. ESP takes a proactive stance with all team members to ensure that everyone understands the expectations from the outset. What is more, we guarantee that resources are made available to support the safety of our people at all levels of the organization. Only thru commitment to safety can ESP continue to grow and provide meaningful jobs to employees.

ZERO Accidents!

Zero Accidents, Zero Lost Time Days!  Seven years worth of safe results Elite Storage Products.  The results may be Zero, but SAFETY is our First Priority.  Through both annual and continual training, ESP employees receive industry leading safety training.  Our commitment to safety further reflects the number of quality installations completed every year.


A construction site is a dangerous place. Because of this, we focus on safety. Customers notice our commitment to safety. In particular, our teams know that maintaining a safe job site is the result of smart decisions made every minute of the day. ESP has an Experience Modification Rating (EMR) of .91, and all our construction team members are OSHA 30 Certified. We achieve the highest level of safety for our projects and internal operations by providing personal protection equipment, well-defined procedures, and safety-specific training.


Safety manuals are provided for every employee and kept current with the latest information. ESP equips Employees driving company vehicles with a manual of rules and regulations. Likewise, we supply our employees all necessary personal protective equipment such as hard hats, reflective vests, eye, and ear protection. Importantly, ESP takes a proactive approach to keep the job site safe. We reinforce our safety program with thorough training.



All employees receive OSHA 30 Hour training in a classroom setting and also receive one-on-one instruction as needed.  Secondly, all newly hired employees are assigned a safety ‘mentor’ who guides the new employee through our program for their position.  Installation teams stay up-to-date with weekly ‘toolbox talks’ and by emphasizing our safety program.  It is through continuing safety education that our employees perform each job safely and efficiently.



On all ESP project sites, weekly “Toolbox Talks” are held with all employees to promote safe practices. We provide OSHA 30-hour training in-house to our employees, addressing each sub-part of the OSHA standards. Importantly, in our training, we examine the components of ESP’s Safety Overview and how can ESP exceed OSHA standards. ESP employees also receive First Aid and CPR instruction. ESP is successful only when our employees leave the job site completely safe and healthy.

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